The new digital tool for industrial insulation.

Flat Metal Patterns is a metal pattern calculation program that helps us save time making the pattern and avoids possible errors that we may have when drawing the pattern by hand. You can also find products, tools and accessories online for the branch of industrial insulation.

This application is aimed at experts, inexperienced and beginners; within the application you can find video tutorials that will guide you through the process of how to use the calculated pattern. For people who are experienced in tracing a pattern by hand, it will help them to avoid mistakes, calculate the pattern in seconds, and thus save time.

The pattern calculation program is made based on mathematical calculations and converting those calculations into the pattern that we are used to work with.

Inside you can find up to 20 different patterns, as well as Diameter - Circumference calculation, Pipe - Insulation reference tables and a length units calculator.

Circumference-Diameter - The application works mainly with circumference values. Additionally, the application accepts diameter values that are converted to circumference.
Pipe size - If you have the exact data of a pipe, the application has the ability to determine the exact circumference of the pipe.
Smart calculator - Extremely important for specific operations on known fractions and decimals. This means that the calculator accepts the fractions of a conventional tape measure, and returns the results in the same way.
Scale - An extremely important feature of the application that makes it easy for us to manufacture large-size patterns in parts.

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