Wh Rules




2 foot WH ruler.
.5mm x 1.25" x 12.5"

2 foot WH ruler.

.5mm x 1.25" x 12.5"
The 2 foot ruler folds into 1 foot and is equivalent to a 4 footer typically used in a fabulous store
It can be easily stored in a tool box and carried in a tool bag.
It has a tee pattern embedded in it and you can do at least a 74 Tee pattern size with the back board. If used with the pattern book you will find more compatible sizes.
Comes with boards for metal and band cutouts around 100" long.
Work with circles.
It comes with pre-set insulation measures. from .5" x 1" to 24" x 3", typically used with calcium silicate. Other types of insulation vary but can be adjusted.
Prefixed letters can be used to mark sheets and strips at the time of manufacture.
Comes with pipe cuts up to 42"+.
It comes with normal inches.
It comes with a 1" to 1/4" conversion to verify the pattern length is correct. This applies to patterns cut into 1/4 parts.