Midwest snips forged blade power Cutter long-cut aviation snip is a better way to cut thin and irregular materials. The wide opening of the offset snip allows the user to cut irregular surface materials such as ribbed Siding and roofing panels and vinyl siding nail lip quickly and cleanly while keeping the user's hand above the sharp edges of the cut material. Blade pattern: offset cuts straight 2-3/8" (66. 3 mm) length of cut Use in either hand wide blade opening and optimum 40 serrations per inch to bottom blade for secure grip of irregular surface materials such as ribbed metal roofing and siding, vinyl siding nail lip, etc. Specifications: nominal Length: 10-1/2" Cut Length: 2-3/8" Cutting capacity (CR/SS): 20/24 Kush's-power comfort grips. Longest lasting cutting edge blades are hot drop-forged of molybdenum alloy steel and au temper heat-treated. Strongest blades hot drop-forged process uses grain structure of steel to produce maximum strength. Highest quality components grade 8 blade pivot bolt and heavy-duty double-overwind spring are unconditionally ! Compound leverage multiplies handle force to cutting blades by 8: 1 power ratio. Strongest handles high tensile strength steel will not bend from hand pressure and provides most efficient conversion of hand force to cutting power. Comfortable handle grips thick textured neoprene grips comfort user's hand and prevent steel handles from wearing through.