SAW 6"




Product details

The Stanley 6-Inch Wallboard Saw is designed especially for making cuts in plasterboards. The saw has a self-starting point sharpened for plunge cuts, and the 6-inch blade is epoxy-bonded and ferruled to the handle for a connection that is three times as durable as non-epoxy bonded blades. This saw is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. To choose the saw that's best for you, view the comparison chart of Stanley saw blades.
  • Stock up on the tools needed for your next big project
  • Comfortable hardwood handle is a pleasure to hold
  • Made with non-clog teeth with a reinforced bond for durability
  • Ideal for any kind of cutting work with drywall
  • Useful addition to any toolbox
  • Ideal for use by both amateurs and seasoned professionals
  • Make your next cutting job that much easier