FMP-PRECISION METAL RULER (2 foot folding-.8mm Thick)




Precision FMP Metal Ruler,
It is a complement with the App: "Flat Metal Patterns".
By using the App in conjunction with the ruler it will help you:

• Apply readings of the drawing plans that the Engineer sends you.
• To make your patterns with greater precision.
• Remember that the App returns the results of the patterns in precision of 16ths, 32nds and 64ths.
• Remember that if you do not use precision you may have errors of ½” up to 7”, for example if you make a “TEE” pattern and in the length of the pattern, you have an error of 1/8” then when turning the pattern, to get the entire pattern, you will also turn the eighth of an inch, which would be a total of 1/8” X 4 = ½” which would be the error in the entire pattern. and at the end of the day the entire pattern would be ½” larger at the time of installation.
• In the same way for patterns with many pieces to install, for example in head sections, if we have an error of 1/8” in the width of the head section, and if the number of head pieces is 40. Then we will have an error of 40 X 1/8”= 5” Which means that we will no longer be able to close the head with 40 pieces.
• Another example would be the 90's in segments, which applies to the same example of the head segments.
• The ruler readings are from Left to Right.
• The zero line is inside the ruler, and not on the edge, which will help you sit your compass freely and move it to the right.
• Use the Ruler up to 12” in its normal state.
• Use the Ruler up to 24” in its Foldable state.
• The Ruler is capable of drawing a circle, with a circumference reading.
• Trace circles up to 151” in circumference.
• The precision of the circumference readings in inches is: 8ths and 4ths.
• Scan the QR code for a video explanation of how to use the FMP rule.

The dimensions of the Rule are:
Length: 12 3/8”
Width: 1 1/8”
Thickness: .8mm