Hard plastic outer shells are extremely strong. manufacturer's guarantee.

It does not leave grip-strip marks on any surface. Speed ​​Clips are easily adjusted for a quick turn on.

1 1/2 inch closed cell foam inner pad offers the ultimate in comfort and protection.

Hinged lid for ease of movement while kneeling or walking.

Soft stretchy fabric straps with reinforced stitching ends sit well above and below the knee

Hard plastic outer shell covers and protects the entire knee, hinged for natural knee movement, 1/2" closed-cell foam inner padding for superior comfort. Elastic web straps keep knee brace in place, on or off knees while walking.Our straps won't contaminate like Velcro or break like rubber straps,Replaceable abrasion resistant grips straps,Speed ​​Clips allow you to put on straps and adjust them while in use.